Welcome to Interpage's Service Trials

The following services offer free, week-long, evaluative trials, which may be activated under the Free Trials drop down menu above. Simply review the services below, decide which service you wish to try, and select the given service from the Free Trials menu to enter your information for the trial account to be created.


Interpage’s DirectPage Service provides a single, personal, local number for receiving numeric pages, which are instantly sent as text messages to one or more cell phones, e-mail addresses, SMS/MMS-capable devices, other pagers (alpha or numeric), fax machines (e.g., for logging pages), or even regular (“POTS”) telephones with messages spoken in plain voice. 


Interpage FaxUp and FaxUp Plus service assigns you a personal and unique fax mailbox number which people can send faxes to – just like a regular fax machine! You can access your faxes from any Web browser, Touch-Tone telephone, web-capable PDA or Cellphone, or e-mail reader which supports attachments (such as Outlook Express, Eudora and Thunderbird).


Interpage Voicemail provides a “stand-alone” voicemail box/number which works like any traditional voicemail system, and also includes advanced features such calling one or more destinations to relay new messages, notification of hang-up calls, notification of newly deposited messages, transmission of messages to your cellphone or email, and message filtering by sender, time of day, or day of the week.

Tap Dispatch

Interpage TAP/Self-Dispatch provides a bridge between Message Services, Call Centers, Emergency and Notification Centers, Industrial Control Equipment, Automated Coin-Operated (“Coin-Op”) devices and other entities or equipment which needs to send messages to smart/cell phones, SMS/MMS/Internet-capable devices, pagers, faxes, e-mail addresses, and Voice/Text-to-Speech notification to landline and other telephones.